Plight of the Working Man

from by Soul Phlegm



No Easter ham, no Christmas feast
Tell a doctor, tell a lawyer, tell a priest
I've heard this joke before
I've smelled this smoke before
Now I'm down here on my knees
Cut to commercial if you can
Before you wind up missing your head
Melt you into mush
Grind you into sand
The plight of the working man

Boil your bones down into economy stew
Foreclose on your clothes
Evict every part of you
Everyone pretends
But no one understands
The plight of the working man

Step by step
Heave by ho
Someone's always trying to tell you
Which way to go
Mark your territory strong
And sleep with your eyes open wide
Like darkness is your friend
Grandpa warned you to his death
With his very last breath
They'll harvest all your time
Until there's nothing left
You thought the day was at an end
But here it comes again
The plight of the working man


from Pyramids, released March 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Soul Phlegm Iowa City, Iowa

Soul Phlegm: a dynamic fusion of blues, soul, funk & rock n roll. Melodic, lyrical, intricate, raw & heavy.

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